Voi Desking

Imagine a place where color inspires creativity and personalization is welcomed.
Voi not only gets you – it makes it all about you.

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Reveal your character

Voi case-goods from HON are striking, architectural, and very well built. Voi combines durable steel with solid and woodgrain laminates, using top quality materials and legendary workmanship. Simply select the desired size or shape. Storage components are fully assembled, but support legs are installed on location.

All for One and One for All

Voi is not your grandfather’s collection. Expressive aesthetic options, increased attention to personal storage needs, and multiple surface heights allow you to change positions throughout the day. Voi is exactly what you need to tackle the new workday.

Working together has never been easier or in such harmony. Voi Connects people in short-term touchdown spaces or in more collaborative settings with a clean, consistent look and options for postural variety. Talk about being a team player.

Designed in USA