HON Workwall

Workwall is reimagining the traditional office. This smart and stylish solution not only makes a space more cohesive, it encourages
the people who share the same environment to stay connected yet embrace individuality. From floating shelves that house
framed photos and inspirational art to glass markerboards and media tiles that help motivate and inform, Workwall is a dynamic
addition that celebrates what makes your brand – and the people who empower it – so unique.

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Inspired. Ingenious. Innovative.


It doesn’t matter if your space is large or small – what’s
important is that it reflects who you are and what matters to
you. And now, you can trust in a solution that not only honors
your personality, it adds remarkable organization capabilities
and dynamic functionality to your workstation. Welcome
to Workwall, a brilliant tile system that mixes and matches
fabric, metal, glass, and laminate materials with convenient
accessories, making it a powerhouse performer and a perfect
partner to a variety of HON products in any private office or
shared space. Make your space work with Workwall.