Dual Monitor Arm

Hard drives and monitors are still mandatory in most offices, but that doesn’t mean they should take up your entire desk. Free up more space by using HON monitor arms and CPU holders to bring monitors to eye level and keep CPUs off the floor. The all-metal construction is designed to support the most popular brands and types of computers.


Workplace Tools Dual Monitor Arm

It takes more than a desk and a chair to be productive. Today’s workspaces are designed around multitasking and maximizing every inch of space. This means surrounding yourself with workplace tools that help you do more with less. Storage solutions that help you pile, stack and organize. Technological tools that put everything within arm’s reach, and cord management that keeps it all neatly tucked away. Ample lighting whether working day or night. Options for turning a fixed desk into a sit-to-stand workstation that offers a healthier way to work. HON workplace tools provide the finishing touch on any high-performance workspace.

  • Allows the user to support and adjust two monitors from a single mounting point
  • Supports two monitors up to 17-1/2 lbs. each
  • Monitor height adjusts from 7″ to 20″ to support any preference
  • Monitor extends 22-1/2″ and retracts 3-1/2″ to save valuable space
  • Monitor tilts forward 25 degrees or backward 90 degrees to accommodate any preference
  • Enclosed cable management neatly routes cords
  • Includes desk clamp or grommet mount for easy mounting on any worksurface
  • Align screens horizontally for ergonomic positioning
  • The high-quality aluminum alloy arm is durable and attractive
  • 180-degree lockout feature protects walls or panels from abrasion

Will it fit in my office? Will it even fit my needs? Before buying, you need to know all the measurements, features and details.


Overall Height: 19.5″
Overall Width: 21.0″
Overall Depth: 3.5″
Units Per Package: 1
Arm Extension Max: 22.5
Arm Extension Min: 3.5
Height Maximum: 20
Height Minimum: 7


Monitor Size Accepted: 28
Monitor Tilt: +25″ / -90″
Mounting Options: Desk Clamp; Grommet Mount
Swivel: Yes


Height Maximum: 20