Fuse Pedestal Side Saddle

Who says storage has to be boring? With a completely modern take on form and function, not to mention an ultra-cool color palette, Fuse storage adds personality to any home office or corporate work-space. This coat and bag hook attaches to the side of a drawer, tool tile or tool rail to help you get your valuables off the floor.


Fuse takes personal stowage to the next level, with sizes and options that just make more sense for what?s being stowed today. To operate at your best, you not only need quick access to your tech and work gear but also your running shoes and protein bars. Pair that with an added pop of color, and Fuse gives new meaning to needing your personal space.

  • A little storage on the outside of an undermount unit…why not?
  • Designed to move with you, providing easy access storage at your fingertips as you raise and lower your height-adjustable workstation
  • Attaches to drawer sides, undermount cubbies, tool tiles and tool rails
  • Can be used in the bottom of the drawer to divide space

Will it fit in my office? Will it even fit my needs? Before buying, you need to know all the measurements, features and details.

Overall Depth: 2.0″
Overall Height: 4.0″
Overall Width: 12.2″