Accelerate Workstation

Accelerate your speed of business!

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Ready-for-Anything Workstations

Businesses are rapidly changing in today’s fast-paced environment. Becoming nimble and adaptable are a must in order to keep up with your competitors. And you need an office space that can keep up with the pace. Accelerate is a streamlined and refined office system that maximizes style and comfort while minimizing startup time and costs.

Clean Design Encourages a Streamlined Workflow

Accelerate’s clean and modern design encourages productivity and allows for a streamlined workflow throughout the entire office. Designed to accommodate multiple configurations through a single solution, Accelerate provides design flexibility throughout each area of your space. Its’ wide selection of design includes features such as 120° and 72” panels, frameless glass, stacking panels, and swinging doors which mean it’s able to adapt to any user’s needs. And with countless fabric options, the possibilities to make your workstation your own are endless.

The steel structure is durable and adapts to the needs of growing business environments. So you can rearrange, move, and redesign at the speed you need.

Design tip: Pair panels with compatible HON products like Voi desks and Contain storage.

Designed in USA