Office Ergonomics: Seating

Office ergonomics can be just as important as the furniture itself. One of the key considerations to make when creating a productive and healthy workspace is choosing a chair that can allow employees to sit in the most ergonomically beneficial manor. Sitting in the right position is invaluable and can help in preventing back pain and general discomfort while sitting during the workday. When seated your thighs should be parallel with the ground and your feet should either be flat on the floor or on a footrest. Another key component is the height of your chair, when reaching for a keyboard your forearms should also be parallel with the floor. It is also important to sit straight up, and if available adjust your lumbar support to the correct position. If possible, it is recommended to not sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes according to the Cleveland Clinic, so you should try to get up and move around a few times every few hours throughout the day. With the HON lineup of seating, there is a chair that can help you and employees sit as comfortably and ergonomically as possible.


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