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Configurations (HON)
View Details Flexible enough to adapt to any need

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Connections (HON)
View Details Abound can be configured in L, X and T connections, as well as Y connections (120 degrees) for more open workstations.

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Monolithic & Segmented (HON)
View Details Create your signature look with Abound by choosing monolithic tiles for a simple, clean aesthetic or use segmentation

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Stacking Frames (HON)
View Details Stacking frames in 15" and 30" heights provide additional configuration flexibility while still supporting overheads and shelves.

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Storage (HON)
View Details Abounds flexibility is reflected in its abundant storage options

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Tile Options (HON)
View Details Tiles are available in a variety of materials to fit any design vision and budget.

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Voice, Power & Data (HON)
View Details Let Abound meet all your electrical and data needs.

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