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Our first complete seating line, the Ignition collection has a solution for every room in your office. Designed for a wide range of users and applications, Ignition fits where you work, how you work, and who you are with its clean, contemporary style and extensive breadth of chair types and functions. Addressing total office seating needs, ignition is the smart choice for value-conscious businesses.
Ignition Family (HON)
View Details Executive and conference chairs. Work and task chairs.

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Ignition Model HIEH1, HIEH2, HIEH3, HIWM1 Executive/Conference Seating (HON)
View Details Ignition executive and conference chairs bring contemporary style to all the spots in your office where first impressions matter.

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Ignition Model HIGCL, HILTL Guest/Lounge Seating (HON)
View Details Vendors or visitors. Customers or in-laws. When guests arrive, it's only right to greet them with a good place to sit.

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Ignition Model HITS5 Task Stool (HON)
View Details With Ignition, you can have an all-in-one solution that's right for just about any situation. Standing height worksurfaces are an increasing workplace trend.

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Ignition Model HIWM1, HIWM2, HIWM3, HITL1, HITL2, HITL3 Work/Task Seating (HON)
View Details The people who do the daily work that keeps a business moving forward deserve to be supported and comfortable all day - every day. 

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