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Announce Veneer Desking

Showcase Your Success.

Set a professional tone for the entire office, and Announce to the world that you’ve made it. As HON’s premier veneer desking collection, Announce combines superior wood craftsmanship with contemporary design flourishes such as a sleek knife edge profile and mixed materials to deliver the look you desire and deserve. The rich wood veneers are the result of an unparalleled attention to detail and a multi-step finishing process that brings the quality of the executive office to the entire space, and makes a strong statement about your brand.

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Knife Edge Profile

Sleek knife edge profile and mixed materials enhance any contemporary office design.


Slim Profile Desk Pedestal

This narrow storage pedestal design helps make the most of limited space.


Monitor Rail

Bring more space to your desktop while adding the ability to offer guests easy access to the computer screen with this sliding monitor rail system.


Pull-out Worksurface

This optional accessory component offers an additional worksurface to support collaboration.

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