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Hon Initiate
Simple, Smart, Sustainable.and Speedy.

The Initiate panel system is easy to understand, install, and reconfigure. It has fewer pieces and parts. More logical connections and harder-working hardware – including and ingenious universal connector that saves time, money, and inventory.

Smart Initiate is a shrewd investment for the future. Durable construction. Quality fit and finish. Timeless design. Versatile components that can be configured and reconfigured in infinite combinations. It all adds up to exceptional long-term value.
Sustainable Initiate is an earth-friendly choice. With Nature Core fiberboard, en exclusive plant-based acoustical/tackable substrate. Indoor Advantage Gold certification, a stringent air quality standard Initiate achieved before any other panel system Recycled fabric selections that divert waste from landfills. And Bulk packing options that reduce raw material consumption.
Speedy Initiate is available on the HON Daily 5 program. This is an ideal option for the company that needs a quick delivery and a comprehensive mix of options. Orders will ship out from the factory 5 days after the orders are received and typically arrive in our warehouse with the next 3-5 days.
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