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Initiate a Better Work Environment
Why start building your work environment with Initiate? Because it's simple to specify, order, and install. It provides exceptional long-term value through durable construction, exacting fit and finish, and easy reconfiguration. And it offers several features that reduce its environmental impact.

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The Simple Story

Some room to spread out. Plenty of space to store your stuff. Just the right mix of privacy and collaboration. Does outfitting your office have to be complicated? Initiate doesn't think so. Order an Initiate worksurface and the cantilever support are included. Order overheads and they ship preassembled. Order a panel and it comes complete-no trim to specify or install. Panels even attach with a single universal connector that simplifies installation and reconfiguration.
A Smart Choice

The longer you own Initiate, the better you understand what a smart choice it is. Metal frames and trim retain their integrity through years of reconfiguration. Metal-to-metal connections create a solid structure, keeping panels perfectly aligned. Components fit together tightly without gaps, and finishes match precisely from one piece to the next. Initiate also features a Class A fire rating and exceeds industry acoustical standards.
A Sustainable Solution

All tackable Initiate panels feature Nature Core, a patented low-emitting fiberboard made from a rapidly renewable material. Nature Core also exceeds tackability standards and controls sound remarkably well. In addition, Initiate is certified under Scientific Certification System (SCS) Indoor Advantage™ Gold, recognizing its compliance with specific requirements for air emissions. Initiate also meets the BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard, earning level 2™ certification as a comprehensive evaluation of its sustainability attributes. Finally, Initiate contributes to LEED® credit for office seeking that certification.
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