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SmartLink Wall Rail System

Offering style, flexibility and durability, the new Smartlink™ Wall Rail System features three different levels of whiteboards that slide on rails. It makes the most of your wall space, maximizing your writing and display area.

  • Overlapping whiteboards - a rear fixed layer and sliding middle and front layers - give more room while taking up less wall space
  • 24" and 48" boards are easily reversible. Choose between porcelain-over-steel whiteboards on both sides or a whiteboard on one side and a fabric-covered tackboard on the other
  • The Wall Rail System features the same rounded edges, color pallette and contemporary styling of other Smartlink™ componenets for a clean, unified look
  • Worksurfaces can be used to create computer or study carrels and are wider and height-adjustable
  • System provides horizontal mounting flexibility while innovative rail mount minimizes floor usage. Wide range of accessories helps store student items and fasten securely to the wall rail
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